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Welcome to Our 51st Academic Year

A Message from Our President:

The Ottawa School of Theology & Spirituality (OSTS) embarks on its second half-century journey following the successes of a colloquium, a book launch (Triumph of Hope) and a pamphlet on the School's history, which marked last year's celebration of our 50th year as a lay- and volunteer-run school committed to adult theological and spiritual education.

The Curriculum Committee has worked diligently in balancing comments and suggestions from students with the School's objectives to present a selection of thought-provoking courses that I hope you will agree represents an embarrassment of riches. From courses in the area of spirituality, to courses rooted in the Bible, to courses that mark our Christian history and thought, both newcomers and returnees will surely be challenged in narrowing down their choice of courses from lecturers coming from all four of our sponsoring denominations and beyond.

The 2014-2015 course descriptions are now posted on the website and, if you have studied at the OSTS in previous years, you should receive the course description brochure in early July. You can register by using the link on the website or by mailing in the registration form. The School's activities begin on Monday, September 15th - I look forward to greeting you at that time. Do not hesitate to bring a friend or two!

As I start in my role as President of the OSTS, I want to thank Karen Fee for the excellent work accomplished during her time as President since 2012. It was a very busy period with the 50th Anniversary, and while Karen would be the first to say that many hands pitched in to make her two years a success, a group of volunteers requires a captain at the helm, and Karen steered the ship with a sure and steady hand. I can assure you that I and those who have accepted leadership roles in the School this year are committed to follow in Karen's team's wake as best we can as we face a future full of new opportunities.

Have a blessed summer!

Pierre LaViolette